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How to Improve the Troubleshooting Guide

Whenever you are about to add / send new content for this troubleshooting guide, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Brand New » Cross check the troubleshooting guide if someone else already provided the information you plan to add at another place. This could save you the effort of creating new pages by simply referencing the already existing content at the adequate place.
  • Information » If possible provide as much related information as possible. Links to the official documentation or to known released SAP notes - if available - are useful for everybody. 
  • Reuseable » In case you have some sort of 'how-to-do-that' documentation consider if it is reusable. If so, please inform us to add it as a child page below the List of How-To Documents and link from other entries.
  • Hierarchy » Things that belong together should be kept together. Whenever you send new content let us know where you would put it. Example: If you want to add something new which deals with problems 'executing a process' then consider putting the content below I have a problem running my process. Try to be as specific as possible. In case you feel the need of another intermediate checkpoint simply let us know and we will enhance the structure.

Thanks for helping!

Once you added the new page to where you think it should belong, simply let us know about it, adding an entry to our Feedback page, and link to the corresponding page.