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How to check the default trace

  • Log on to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator as a system administrator (http://host:port/nwa).
  • Go to the 'Log Viewer' (SAP NetWeaver Administrator » Problem Management » Logs & Traces » Log Viewer).
  • Open the 'Default Trace'.
  • Filter for the timeframe when the issue had happened.
  • Look / Search for entries related to '' or ''.
  • In case the reported entry did not provide enough information to solve the problem and / or the trace entry looks like a defect in the application consider opening a message (» how-to)

Hint: If nothing was found try increasing the log level and try to redo the action (» how-to). Finally check again.


  1. Former Member

    thanks.Wiki was very useful to me.


    Anil Dichpally

  2. Martin Moeller hi Martin, this doesn't match for default trace of Netweaver 731 and higher, please update the guide