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Sometimes, when a complex type in a process schema needs to be modified or a wsdl needs to be reimported, one might face the error below.
From the error below, one can retrieve the name of the problematic file. In the current situation, this is rep/wsdl/ . This location will be needed later.




In order to overcome this problem and successfully modify the schema or wsdl, one needs to follow the procedure below.

  1. Change to "Resource Perispective" as shown below.

2. Navigate to the problematic file, following the location specified in the error as described in the "Issue" section - rep/wsdl/

3. Find the problematic file by name -

4. Right click over the problematic file and choose Team -> Edit or Edit (exclusive)

5. The file will be marked as editable as shown below.

6. Now go to either the process schema or wsdl you are trying to reimport and choose right click over it and reimport.

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