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How to write comprehensive messages

  • Customer messages can be created via
  • Try to be as precise as possible when specifing the support component. It is typically part of the trace (see bold red part of the sample below).
  • Briefly list the actions you performed in order to reproduce the problem.
  • If possible (and applicable) attach
    • screenshots that help describing the issue
    • the corresponding trace file (» how-to)
    • the process model / deployable that might have caused the issue
      Sample Trace Snippet

      #2.0#2009 03 20
      #4975c3d0155d11deb3f10019993bac31#0#Thread[HTTP Worker [@1892124631],5,Dedicated_Application_Thread]#Java##
      Error while trying to retrieve the task: Claiming user must be a Potential Owner or at least must substitute a potential or an actual owner! [EXCEPTION]