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You ran a query on a BPM data source. The server node crashed due to an out-of-memory error during the execution of the query.



The records selected by the query are loaded in the heap. If the number of records being selected is too high, it might not fit into the heap and will cause an out-of-memory error, please do the followings

  1. Define filters in the queries performed on the BPM data sources to limit the number of selected records. For example, limit the query to the records created in the last 7 days. In Visual Composer, define Guard conditions in the data flows bound to the FILTER plug of the BPM data sources in order to stop them when the passed values are null or empty. Filters will null or empty values will select all records in the BPM data source.
  2. Increase the heap size, however you could not increase to very high value, it will cause performance issue in future, you need to consider the number of records which will be extracted and then calculate how many more heap size you need.

If you still have OOM issue after increasing the heap size, please use following note to analyze he heap dump

1883568 - How to self analyze a Heap Dump using MAT

Following notes are the known issue for OOM whit Analytics:

1666628 - NetWeaver BPM: filtering with date range in VC causes OOM









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