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Process start has been triggered successfully

NW BPM Processes expose themselves as web services on the system. Thus the service interface definition that is used in the message start event of the process will be used to define the nature of the web service. When the used operation required request and response it would mean to the process that directly after receiving the request the process needs to be executed and the result needs to be returned synchronously. As this does not fit to the kind of a process (timer events, activities) the only reasonable reply in that moment is a SOAP fault in order to provide at least some information to the caller. A 'normal' response is depending on the definition and thus not always easily possible.

The solution to bypass this fault is to use a one-way call which just sends data to the system in order to start-off the process. As no response is expected no SOAP fault will be generated anymore.

See also the following SAP Note about this topic:


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