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Author       : P. Surjith Kumar

Company    : International Application Solutions Pte Ltd (IAS) – IBM Company, Singapore.

Created on : 16th Sep 2011

 Author Bio 

I am working as Senior IT Consultant for the Past 5 Years.

Business Scenario

Registering a custom Task in Workflow Visualization Metadata to appear in UWL

Business Requirement:

In the Leave Approval Workitem, User want Employee Number and Leave description to Display in the UWL.


Workflow configuration has to be done and leave workflow has to be configured

Steps to Register the Custom task

1)      Std Task ‘TS12300097’  has be to copied to Custom Task

2)      In the Custom Task modify the description as per the Requirement

3)      Register the Task in the T.Code SWFVISU (Workflow Visualization Metadata)

4)      Then ‘Re-Register’ the Task and Clear Cache Memory in UWL settings

5)      Test the Workitem

1) Copy the standard task ‘TS12300097’   to custom Task

Goto T.code PFTC , Choose Standard Task and Give ‘12300097’

Copy the Standard task ‘TS12300097’   to custom Task


2) Modify the description as per the requirement in custom task

3) Register the task in the T.Code SWFVISU (workflow visualization metadata)


4) Then‘re-register’ the task and clear the cache memory in uwl settings

Click Re-Register

5) Test the work item

1 Comment

  1. Former Member

    Hi Surjith,

    Thanks for the information.

    I have a query, do we need to maintain the Standard task like 40007953 in Swfvisu t-code.



    Ankur Goyal