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Page: Automating the investment decision and expenditure approval process Page: bpm_rmxtest_02 Page: bpm rmxtest Page: BPM Use Case Navigation Page: BPM Use Case Submission Page: BPM Use Case Submission guidelines Page: Claims and Returns Management Page: Claims management supplier orchestration Page: Distributed order fulfillment Page: Enhancing SAP Netweaver BPM with Risk Management Capabilities Page: Financial Master Data Governance Page: Handling dealer returns Page: How to set expiration time for automated activity in Business Process Management Page: Improving Call Centre Productivity Page: Improving cross-border cooperation between police agencies Page: Loan Disbursement Page: Managing complaints (8D) Page: Managing grid maintenance and enhancements Page: Managing inventory recalls Page: Managing invoice exceptions Page: Managing Lead-Time Update Page: Managing New Service Connections Page: Managing onboarding of new hires Page: Managing outage incidents Page: Managing patient cases Page: Managing pricing agreements for customers Page: Managing project issues and changes Page: Managing purchase order approvals Page: Managing purchases for promotions Page: Managing real estate rental Page: Managing Sales Order Changes Page: Managing the scheduling of shift workers Page: Managing Time Sheets of External Employees Page: Optimizing workplace drug testing Page: Product Supply Collaboration Page: Reducing administration for treatment Page: Reviewing decisions and tracking approvals of new product launches Page: Streamlining Collaborative Procurement Page: Streamlining creation of master data Page: Streamlining Dunning and Coercion Page: Streamlining multi-channel citizen services Page: Streamlining multi-channel services example - Handling issue reports submitted by citizens Page: Streamlining multi-channel services example - Handling regional parking permits Page: Streamlining Product lifecycle collaboration Page: Supporting decision to repair or replace aircraft Page: Systematic alignment of 8D Quality process Page: Telecom Account creation and customer support through BPM and Android.