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Types of BPM Tools

A business process expert needs to be supported by appropriate BPM tools. But what types of tools are needed?
A core BPM Tool Landscape could exists out of the following types of tools:

  • Process Modeling Tool
    • Visual representation and specification of a business process and relevant content
  • Process Publishing and Collaboration Tool
    • Easy-to-read and dynamic presentation of role-based process flows and relevant content
  • Process Calculation Tool
    • Calculation of a to-be process under use of estimated data (cost, time, amount, frequency, employee capacity per role)
  • Process Simulation Tool
    • Optimization of workforce planning for a to-be process to avoid bottlenecks
  • Process Performance Monitoring Tool
    • Active monitoring of defined process performance indicators of a running business process and comparison of to-be amd as-is values
  • Process Reporting Tool / Process Management Cockpit
    • Reporting on process activities, projects and running business processes on a strategic, tactical, operational or technical level
  • Process Implementation Tool (e.g. SAP Solution Manager)
    • Realization of system supported business processes (project management, customizing, testing, roll out, etc.)

Further tool types could be:

  • Strategic Planning and Cascading Tool
    • Structured input of strategic goals (business and It strategy) for the analysis of a respective business process
  • Process Automation/Workflow Tool
  • Process Orchestration Tool (e.g. Visual Composer/Enterprise Service Repository/Business Process Platform)
    • Executable composition of business processs under use of web services within a service oriented architecture
  • Process Data Mining Tool (e.g.. SAP BW)
    • Gathering and analysis of process performance data to identify and interpret variancies
  • Business Rules Engine
    • Maintenance of complex business rules to decrease the complexity of process models
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  1. Former Member

    Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for the info :) but where can I find these tools? I am specifically interested in Process Reporting Tool. Any link?