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What is ARIS?

ARIS for SAP NetWeaver provides centralized administration of process information in a multilingual system tool. You can use this process information for project documentation, system implementation, end-user projects, and more.

Major Advantages

  • It works with Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure for the modeling of business processes that cross application and enterprise boundaries.
  • It can be used as goverance and documentation for your business process design.
  • ARIS for SAP NetWeaver provides modeling capabilities to cater for the process architecture model of business scenarios, business processes and process steps. A value chain diagram describes the end-to-end company process map.
  • ARIS has a webpublisher feature that let's you publish your process models on an intra- or the internet. This plus user management gives the administrator the option to give employees access to view processes they're involved; that are relevant to them.


  • ARIS toolset is developed by IDS Scheer. In the current release of SAP NetWeaver, ARIS is a separate installation. However, the installation is very simple and does not require a professional installer.
  • Unlike the Composite Application Framework (CAF) or Visual Composer (which are both no real BPM tools), ARIS does not generate an application for you. The modeled business process is decoupled from the implementation.

When do you use ARIS?

  • You currently use ARIS for process modeling and you now want to model your SAP processes.
  • You are a new customer with SAP. You are a business process expert and want a central location to model your current and to-be processes.

Where can you download ARIS?

More information

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