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SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Workflow

What it is

MDM workflow is a tool specific to SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management. Within MDM, it enables you to process activities parallel, sequentially, dealing with tasks, data validations, and approvals that must occur within MDM.

Major Advantages

  • Enables you to create process flows directly in MDM.
  • Provides a way to deal with a group of records in a consistent manner, enforcing specific validations and approval paths.
  • Users can access their MDM tasks from Universal Worklist.

Implementation Considerations

  • This tool is specific to SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management.

Example business scenarios

  • You have a set of materials that need the same approvals for each material in MDM, the records must be dealt with in a consistent manner.
  • Use MDM workflow to determine if a new master data creation request (i.e. for a new customer master, product master, employee master, vendor master, etc.) is valid.  If the person managing the workflow sees this "create" workflow step and determines that this is a valid request (i.e. the creation of this master data record won't create a duplicate or invalid master data record), they can process this request via the workflow and the next step in the workflow can be executed.

Where to get more information

SAP Service Marketplace and the SDN MDM Community are the best places to learn more about SAP NetWeaver MDM workflow.

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