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Universal Worklist

What it is

The Universal Worklist enables you to get all your tasks in a single location. This includes Guided Procedures actions, SAP Business Workflow tasks, Knowledge Management Notifications, alerts from the alert framework, Collaboration Tasks, MDM workflow tasks, and even non-SAP tasks.

A user needs to be able to work in a consistent manner regardless of the type of task or activity they need to perform. The Universal Worklist provides a central location for the user to manage SAP and non-SAP tasks.

Major Advantages

  • All tasks appear in one location, including SAP and non-SAP tasks. There is a UWL API for non-SAP tasks. For SAP tasks we support SAP Business Workflow, Guided Procedures, Alerts, Collaboration Tasks, MDM tasks, and KM Notifications.
  • You can launch alternative user interfaces for tasks. For example, you have a business workflow task that displays a screen in an SAP GUI, but you want to launch a Web Dynpro, business server page, URL, or some other alternative user interface. UWL action handlers enable you to launch a variety of different UI handlers.
  • Tasks can be customized. This can include user personalization of how they want to work with their tasks, and customization to provide specific data fields, columns, and behavior for tasks.

Implementation Considerations

  • Customers that have a strong history of SAP Business Workflow must understand that UWL is not just a replacement for the traditional SAP GUI inbox. UWL is more broad in scope and does not exactly duplicate the SAP GUI inbox.
  • Depending on the type of customization you want to do, you may need to do some addtional configuration and customization settings for your users.

Example business scenarios

  • Your users must access tasks from mutliple SAP application systems. They require a central source for all tasks.
  • In addition to a central location, your users want to process tasks by the task type, for example, process all purchase requisitions for Plant A then find specific purchase requisitions for Plant B.
  • You need to access non-SAP tasks, such as Lotus Notes or other non-SAP items in UWL.

Where to get more information

  • Online help is the best place to get information on Universal Worklist.
    You can also do a search for blogs and forum postings at SDN.
  • The SAP PRESS book, Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver Portal. A sample chapter is here, and the listings and other resources for the book are in the SDN Wiki here.
  • There's an SDN Blog that tells you how to produce your own version of UWL, using the UWL API to get the items for a user.

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