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Integration Process (ccBPM)

What it is

Integration Processes - sometimes referred to as ccBPM, enable you to orchestrate messages that flow between systems. These messages go between application systems and between partner systems. You may need to send a purchasing document to a supplier, wait for a response, then send a message to an external warehouse system, wait for a response, then package up 10 more purchase orders and send them to the same or another supplier.

Major Advantages

  • You can create a business process flow of XML messages between systems. This process can be modeled at different levels of detail, from a high-level view of the process to a detailed view of the process.
  • Integration processes enable you to decouple the process logic from the application. Just as a guided procedure creates a human-focused process that is decoupled from the application, integration processes create a system-focused process that is decoupled from the various application systems.
  • Integration processes are based on SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, so they are completely application agnostic. They deal with XML messages in a very consistent manner. It does not matter if the data is coming from an SAP system or a non-SAP system, the XML message is managed the same way.

Implementation Considerations

  • If you do not have previous experience with Integration Processes, you will need to invest in training.

Example business scenarios

  • You have a purchasing process where you need to send data back and forth between mutliple suppliers. The data exchange needs to happen with a specific amount of time. You can design this process using integration processes. Once the deadline has occurred you can use the alert framework to start a Guided Procedure to get a person involved since a deadline has occurred.
  • Your customer requests that you bundle up orders for a specific contract and send them at one time. The orders originate in various application systems within your enterprise, they need to be combined, sent to the customer, you need to get a response, and send the response to several application systems.

Standards support

BPEL (Aka WS-BPEL, BPEL4WS) 1.1 (2.0 once released)

Where to get more information

Start with the great SDN community.
Online help for integration process has some great information on building integration processes.
SAP Education offers training specification for Integration Processes (BIT430) and for all of SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure.


  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure ISBN 159229037X (German ISBN 3898424375)
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