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SAP PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative

Webinars and calls

Past Recordings:

Update on Market Opportunity for BPM Consulting and Launch of PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative

Will be posted soon.

Ann Rosenberg,
Global Practice BPM
SAP Business

Greg Chase
Platform Marketing

"How BPM Consultants Should Get Their Customers Off to the Right Start"

Patrik Fiegl,
Consulting Team

Caspar Laar,
Solution Architect,
NL for Business

  "Running a Successful BPM Practice for SAP Customers"


with Ann Rosenberg, SAP Global Practice Head for BPM. 

Featured podcasts and blogs

Podcast: Common Misconceptions of Customers About BPM Initiatives
Podcast: 6 minutes with Ann Rosenberg about Business Opportunities for SAP Partners in BPM Consulting
Blog: Business Process Management Projects Surviving Budget Cuts


Upcoming SAP Education classes towards the BPX Certification:

WNABPM BPM Workshop Virtual Class Jun 15 - 19 2009

Phone: 1-888-777-1727, option 1


Business Process Management: The SAP Roadmap explains Business Process Management for SAP customers and consultants from both the business and the IT perspective. Ranked #3 best seller at SAP Press in fall 2008.  For more information, click here.

Particiapting Partners

Here is the first SAP partner that has met requirements to be listed in Honor Roll:

Intelligroup Inc.

BPM Services Offered:

  • BPM strategy and workshop
  • Business process re-documentation & modeling
  • Process monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Process automation and composite development
  • Governance strategy

Special Offers:

Fixed Price BPM Proof of Concept:  New Product Launch Process
View the webinar

The BPM Consulting Initiative recognizes SAP Service Partners that show performance in:

  • BPM expertise:  having staff members complete the SAP BPX Certification
  • BPM community participation:  significant BPX community contribution, or recognized presenters at Sapphire and TechEd
  • BPM joint sales:  joint sales activities with SAP
  • BPM joint marketing:  joint marketing programs with SAP and a presence on EcoHub

    To join or get more information

    Contact the BPM Consulting Initiative administrator, Greg Chase

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    1. You may want to change the title of the wiki page to "SAP PartnerEdge BPM Consulting Initiative" since this appears to be the main topic.
    2. You may want also to identify what the the "Honor Roll" is as well as clearly identify what the requirements are that enable a partner to be listed on the Honor Roll.
    3. You may want to careful about mixing more commercial content such as that concerning this initiative and the usual non-commercial content in the SCN wiki. Such commercial content maybe better in another SCN environment such as EcoHub.