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Mark Scavillo, Head of Process Governance, in SAP's BPM department (Business Process Organization), provided a behind-the-scenes look at the internal process side of SAP at the ASUG pre-conference seminar, "Business Process Transformation in the Software Industry", Sunday May 4th, in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center.

SAP is going through a Transformation - because Process Efficiency is Integral to reach 2008 Goals.

We have Internal Challenges, for example, the Integration with Business Objects - We had to align BOBJ processes and systems on level 2, 3 with SAP's process map and system landscape; define activities along the Process Management Lifecycle (Analyze, Design, Implement ...) for each Process Scenario (Level 1) and, create Roadmap based on the defined PML activities for each process. Also, BPM and the PML is helping us to achieve our 2010 ASPIRATION:

  • ~ 75bn size of addressable market
  • > 2bn midmarket license revenue
  • > 100.000 customers

Process Management Lifecycle
One who should be focusing on the discipline of understanding what the customer wants and not just thinking of a new product or how a process should be designed from the process owner's perspective, as in: "its not what I want to deliver, its what does the customer want". But this is difficult to understand. Therefore, using the example of building shelves, we can reach the people for whom understanding BPM is difficult.

Business Process Management is a cultural change.  We are in the transition stage presently. We are using Benchmark studies and available studies like from the APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center) to create one process map that fits to everyone - A generic process map.

If you want more information about: How to get process owners?, the Process Maturity approach, prioritazion of processes and Process Performance determination; check out the presentation   here!  Write us your comments and questions!

Session Recording:

ASUG BPX Day 2008 Session 1 - Business Process Transformation in the Software Industry
Mark Scavillo - Head of Process Governance SAP AG

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  1. Former Member

    ASUG's BPM webinar presentation by SAP was very informative. I am all excited to learn about the new BPM tool (acquired from Yasu technologies). In heterogeneous system environment this will be very helpful.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the positive feedback.  To learn more about the Business Rules Management, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of author: Rajagopalan Narayanan who contributes and blogs on this topic for BPX. The RSS feeds for Raja are found here