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Business Transaction Events - Process Interface - Event 00001040 - customer implementation for sending dunning notice via email

Business Transaction Events - Process Interface

To understand the purpose and applications of BTE you can refer my Wikis on Dunning -

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Application Area: FI - Accounts payable and Accounts receivable - Dunning

Application of the process BTE event '00001040' -

This process BTE is useful during a dunning run when a dunning notice needs to be sent to the customer by the medium of an electronic form (EMAIL).
As a default property, the dunning notice gets printed and is sent to the customer either by scanning the copy or via 'POST'.

But as an environmental aspect to avoid wastage of paper, this same dunning notice could be a very beneficial if it is sent by means of electronic form directly after the dunning has been carried out.

So, to achieve this non-standard functionality we need to enhance the standard process.

As 'OPEN FI' is the best technique for such applications, we implement a BTE as a customer.

Procedure Step-by-Step:

First question - How to find which BTE is useful for this application?

Transaction - FIBF - Environment - Info systems (Processes)

Click on execute,

Select the BTE 00001040 as it deals with the Output device/medium

Read the documentation on how this BTE can be utilized up to its maximum extent for the particular application area.

SAP provides with sample function module which is a standard one and can be copied to a function module with customer namespace to enhance the standard.

How does this BTE fulfill our requirement?

The structure highlighted 'FINAA' is the structure used to pass the 'Transmission Medium for Correspondence' for the SAP to process during a dunning run (In this case).

The structure 'FINAA' consists of two major fields required by us to change the transmission medium of the SAP script/ Smart form for sending it to the customer which are,

1. 'NACHA' - Transmission Medium for Correspondence.
2. 'INTAD' - Internet address of partner company clerk.

Now, we need to incorporate the code into the customer function module,

Complete the values required to be passed to the fields 'C_FINAA-NACHA' and 'C_FINAA-INTAD',

Here, NACHA = 'I' stands for 'Internet' as the medium of transmission.

Default is '1' that is by 'Print out', whereas '2' stands for 'FAX'.

Now, similar to the customer exits as like we create 'Projects - CMOD', we create a 'PRODUCT' to assign the relevant BTE under it.

Follow path, FIBF (Transaction) - Settings - Products - Customer

Create an entry,

Now, to allow the system to check or process our functionality, we need to assign/register our 'Z' function module under the product (say) 'ZDAVE'.

Observe the entry of the BTE 00001040 registered under the customer product,

Now, technically the BTE is ready to work as we have registered the BTE.

As a functional aspect, two things are needed to be taken care of,

1. Standard communication option - to 'EMAIL' in the 'General' Tab in customer master 'XD02/01'.

2. Clerks 'Internet addresses' under the 'Correspondence' Tab for 'Company code data'.

After configuring these basic steps, the BTE is complete to trigger for dunning run for this particular customer.

Dunning Run -

Maintaining parameters for the dunning run,

After saving the parameters, go for 'Individual dunning notice' or 'Schedule',

Fill in the required parameters for the dunning run (Individual dunning notice),

After selecting 'Printout' option, confirm the triggering of our BTE 00001040,

Best way is to check in the debugger,

Now, also confirm/observe our 'Z' function module getting triggered,

Process the next step by confirming the 'Send to mail' dialog,

If 'C_FINAA-INTAD' is left blank the system will pick from the customer master 'Clerks internet', else it will take from the value 'C_FINAA-INTAD'.

To check transfer of the dunning notice to the respective customers via email, visit the transaction 'SOST' to confirm the status,

Now to view the particular notice as an 'ATTACHMENT',

Select the entry and click on 'Display',

Click on the 'PDF' icon which represents the dunning notice attachment,

This is a very eco-friendly means of informing the customers for their over-due items.


  1. Hi Harsh,


    Just one thing, I today only implemented the  BTE, instead of P/S Modules we need to register the Function Module in Process Modules.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Harsh Bansal

  2. hey the document is very helpful... but one error i am facing which i posting in the above pic.. its tells not defined... how can i define that.






  3. Former Member

    Had same problem as Harsh on comment above. 

    You must register the Function Module in Process Modules, not P/S Modules.


    The material is very useful indeed. Thanks for sharing.