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Share knowledge, expertise, and experience with solution, configuration, business processes, tools, and more

Share personal experience, opinion and knowledge

Create contents and work on projects in a collaborative effort

Discuss topics, get answers to specific questions

Prerequisites for Access

No registration required to read articles

No registration required to read blogs; registration required to comment on blogs

No registration required to read wiki pages

No registration required to read forum posts

Prerequisites for Participation

Registration required to submit articles

Registration and approved blogger application required to write blogs for expert bloggers area.

Registration required to add or edit wiki pages

Registration required to post in forums

Content Preparation Effort

Medium to high - structured format such as a white paper, case study, and so on


Medium to high


Approximate Time to Publication

After submission, from 2 days to 2 or 3 weeks

New blogger: a few days; senior blogger: immediate



Level of Interactivity

No interactivity through the same channel

Medium: through comments

High: extensive collaboration possible

High: through replies

Recommended Length (on Average)

2 - 10 pages

2 pages or less

About the equivalent of one paper page per wiki page

2 paragraphs or less

Graphics Accepted





Inclusion of Other Media, Links, etc.

Yes: links to other items (pages, documents, etc.)

Yes: links to other items (pages, documents, etc.) and direct inclusion of podcasts and kyte tv videos

Yes: links to other items (pages, documents, etc.)

Yes: links to other items (pages, documents, etc.)

Points for Submitter

60 to 120 points per article

40 to 120 points per blog

Generally 1-20 points. Additional points for exceptional content at moderator's discretion

Original poster earns 1 point for closing a thread. Community members can earn 0 to 10 points for answers.

Ability to Modify Later

If submitted article is still in submission stage, author can submit an updated file. If article is in process or published, author submits a new article and indicates it should replace the previous version.

Blogger can change published blogs, though this is generally discouraged. Community members can edit their comment or add new comments.

Page can be changed at any time.

Forum posts cannot be modified or updated. New posts are required.

Governance/Quality Control

SDN/BPX Content Team

Community evangelists may review/edit. Community members provide quality control through comments.

Community members provide governance and quality control by editing the pages and by providing comments.

Community members provide governance and quality control through replies.

Software Required for Content Preparation

MS Word (and SDN/BPX Word template)

Simple online blog editor

Simple online wiki editor

Simple online forum post editor

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