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System News

The modeling tool is permanently OFFLINE (It was shut down as planned on the first business day following the 20th November 2015)


Last warning (October 29th) : The system will be shutdown permanently on  the 20th November 2015. 

Less than one month to go before the system is shut down. If there are models that you want to keep please export them using the BPMN export so that you can continue to work on them in other modelers, such as SAP Power Designer.


 Important System News (17th August 2015) 

The collaborative process modeler will be retired from use on the 20th of November 2015. 

This means that even if you have not been making regular backups previously you should export your process models before this date so that you can continue to work on your models using your modeler of choice, for example SAP . Because the models are exported in BPMN format, which is a universal standard supported by all major vendors, you have a virtually unlimited choice of modelers in which you can continue your work. For example you can import into SAP Power Designer, which supports SAP BPM extremely well should you want to automate your processes. Or import into SAP BPM directly.


September: You will notice a highlight in the news section of the modeler. This is to make users who do not regularly access the news section aware of this change.

October: It will no longer be possible to create new models but you may continue to work on existing models.

November 20th 2015: The service will be shut down. Existing models can no longer be accessed.

We apologize should this cause you inconvenience. But we hope you have understanding for the fact that this frees colleagues for support in new areas of product development as well as cutting down the Cloud CO2 footprint caused by the servers supporting this software.

Many thanks to those of you who used this tool spreading the knowledge of BPMN and the importance of process transparency to a larger community, as well as the direct feedback that some of you sent which we can incorporate into other related products. Different building blocks of this software have been integrated into other SAP software so the suggestions were not made in vain.

We look forward to collaborating on future BPM projects. If you would like to know more, or have feedback to give, then please don't hesitate to

Conclusion: Final access will be on the 20th November, 2015.


14th Jauary 2015 The database connection is temporarily closed.

19th December 2013 Import capability has been restored.

8th/9th November migrated to new data center. The migration took place successfully. The only functionality that is not yet available is the ability to import BPMN models. However export is possible, so you can periodically back up your data as before.

5th September New version deployed successfully to adapt to JPaaS infrastructure changes.

21 June  2013 12:00 UTC Unexpected downtime for several minutes.

13 April - 15th April - Unexpected downtime due to maintenance of SAP ByDesign.

6th April - 10th April - Unexpected downtime.

20th March 2013  ~12 hours downtime after an automatic recovery to a network failure did not succeed.

19th February 2013. 10 Minutes downtime may occur during the next planned maintenance window.

14th February 2013- There was a disruption of 4 hours caused by an unexpected side-effect of an SAP HANA Cloud maintenance session. The alerting procedures are being improved as a result of this.

26th April 2012: There was unplanned downtime due to some technical issues.

20th March 2012: Access was temporarily disabled while the transition from beta to GA was activated.

Recent changes: 8th November 2012

A bug specific to Internet Explorer 8 and how it behaves with auto-panning has been corrected.

Recent changes: 22nd  October 2012

  • Printing and editing or discussing large diagrams is much easier, because you can open the diagram in a separate tab.
  • Panning around a large diagram is automatically enabled so that you can pan by dragging the canvas or move objects by selecting the objects without having to toggle between modes.
    This is not fully supported in IE8 yet, but is supported by Internet Explorer 9 and other standard browsers.

Recent changes: 17 May 2012

Updated to new version 1.42. This solves the sporadic disappearing context menus in Internet Explorer that could occur after long stints of inactivity by removing Spite files for:

                1) Context Menu

                2) Speed Buttons

                3) Change Flavor

                4) Palette Icons 

Recent changes: 29th November 2011

There is no longer any need to signup to use this method. Any StreamWork user has access, with the exception of Enterprise users where the method has been disabled by the site administrator until the beta stage is completed (access through a personal StreamWork account is nevertheless possible).

Recent changes (11th November)

Version 1.35update - running in cluster mode

Recent changes (8th November)

Fix: Firefox certificate issue fixed.)

Recent changes (3rd November)

Internet Explorer freezing after full-screen mode selected has been fixed.

Recent changes (20th October)

  • No need to configure certificate exceptions in your Web Browser (you may need to restart your Browser the first time you use this)
  • Annotations can be created to document your model. Annotations, unlike sticky notes which are regarded as temporary remarks, are exported and imported with the model.
  • Associations between annotations and other elements can be created to link the documentation with elements in the process diagram.
  • The user who created the StreamWork activity can lock a process model to prevent it being edited without locking the rest of the items in the activity.

All of this is described in detail in the online help.

Recent changes (9th September)

Ability to override automatic connections so that a sequence can be connected to one side of an element to improve the aesthetics of the diagram. 
Session-freeze bug (after inactivity for 15 minutes) fixed.

Recent changes (5th June)

Version 27 (you’ll find the version number at the bottom of the about section) gives you three valuable new features.

  1. You can import BPMN files that you previously exported. This is useful for:
    1. Creating re-usable process templates
    2. Copying the diagram to a different StreamWork activity to collaborate with a different group of people (e.g. partners as opposed to colleagues)
    3. Create a local versioning to revert to if you like (but importing will overwrite the current version)
    4. Create a local backup copy just to be on the safe side.
  2. You can move a connector to a different element by simply
    1. Selecting the connector
    2. Dragging the end point (target or goal) to a different element (the new element changes color to show you’re on target)
    3. Releasing the end point on this new element.
  3. Internet Explorer support.

Feedback about these features gratefully received through the usual channels.

Recent changes (16th June)

With the last maintenance we’ve updated the SSL certificate for Process Flow - Beta.

Recent changes (11th May)

  • Horizontal pools and swimlanes (the most requested missing feature)
  • Full use of screen, which adjusts to screen resolution and orientation (Use CTRL + or CTRL- for browser zoom to understand the full advantage of this)
  • Space-bar toggles between pan and select mode (very useful - try it and find out for yourself)
  • Better support for Internet explorer (feedback appreciated)
  • Some minor design improvements user interface.

Recent changes (22nd March)

Single-sign-on - so that an additional sign on to start the editing is not required.

Recent changes (16th March)

This version planned for deployment on the 16th of March includes the following changes:

  • Ability to slide an element onto a connector so that the connector fuses around it instead of deleting and recreating the connectors. The previous connection is removed. This assumes that the element to be moved is connected in two or less places.
  • Link to online help, system news and terms of use which will be the about section.
  • Only contributors, not viewers, are shown in the contributor list
  • Single-sign-on - so that an additional sign on to start the editing is not required. Postponed-.-

An SDN blog walks you through the different features of the tool. There is a community FAQ about this tool, meaning that everyone is welcome to add tips and tricks which would be of use to others.

The regular maintenance window: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am - 11:00am CET  . (no down-time is planned - but disruption might occur nonetheless )


Feedback to the tool can be given through the Design Partner Council collaboration space. SAP Mentors can use the SAP StreamWork activity.




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