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The purpose of this document is to explain the new changes in behaviour of the context menu in the Universal Worklist.


In older releases of the Universal Worklist, the context menu contained buttons/actions on workitems.  The system logic was not correct when a workitem was not selected.  The message ‘No menu items found for this item’ was displayed, when in fact the workitem may have had buttons/actions associated with it. 

Current Behaviour:

Here we see one workitem is selected.  In this case if we click on the context menu we will see a list of buttons associated with this workitem.

However, workitem ‘Employee UWLTEST UWLTEST: Approve notification of absence’, also contains context menu/buttons.  Because the workitem isn’t selected, it makes the end user think that there are no context menu/buttons found for this item.  On selection of the workitem, the context menu is populated.

Correct Behaviour:

Development support have made a change in code to releases 7.10 and higher.  Now, the behaviour is different.  After selecting a workitem and performing a secondary mouse click, the context menu is displayed.   No longer is the old context menu button visible.  Now even if a workitem is not selected, using the secondary mouse button over the item subject displays the respective context menus/buttons.


The changes to the context menu are permanent changes.  In case you wish to have the actions being shown in the preview are as in the older versions, you have to apply note 1803438. This will enable you to configure a tag within the Action within the workitem so that to specify that Action to be shown in the preview area.

In any case, the secondary mouse button (right button) can be used to show the actions associated with each item type. Please see note number:  1537122 Empty context menu for workitems that are not selected.  The new menus are introduced in the releases listed in the SP Patch Level table contained within this note.

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