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Welcome to the Gliffy Challenge.

As you use the tool to create drawings, please add the information to your drawing here. 

The main idea is to have examples of as many different types of IT-relevant diagrams as possible that demonstrate the possibilities of the tool in the WIKI space. . 
There is also a GLIFFY FAQ in the SAP WIKI Space page with tips and tricks. 

The Rules

If you add a new type of drawing, for example, like process swim-lanes, then you can add a tag to your drawing - The WIKI markup for the Gliffy-Plug-in is described here

If you have a new example of an existing diagram type, then just add a link to the page with the diagram. 

 Subject Area: Process-related 

Type: Swim-lane diagram 

Unknown macro: {gliffy}

Type: BPMN (Open) 

Subject Area: IT Architecture

Type: System Architecture

Unknown macro: {gliffy}

Subject Area: UI 

Type: Screen-flow 

Unknown macro: {gliffy}

Type: UI Mockup

Unknown macro: {gliffy}

Here is a [page with UI Layout details ]from the Community Project.

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