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General Info

The Gliffy Home pagehas lots of details about the plug-in. 


  • Wiki tag for Gliffy-plug-in is described here


  • When copying objects, the copy action sometimes doesn't work. To get the best possible results, click on the object desired. Control C to copy it. Click somewhere else to deactivate the object. Press Control-V to paste.
  • You can change the color and line strength of lines in the upper right hand properties box.
  •  "Group" and "UnGroup" functionality is available under the "Edit" Menu.
  • If you are creating diagrams that are based in architectzures or networks, use the "graphics from the "Network" library in Gliffy (Left hand side of the tool) 
  • "To front" and "To back" functionality, just like in PowerPoint is avialable in the "Modify" palette above the Gliffy main drawing area.
  • To improve readibility with the tool,  reduce its dimensions in the right-hand side of the gliffy UI.  This saves space and makes the diagram easier to read in the WIKI.
  • Use the WIKI table/column functionality to include more Gliffy diagrams on one page, see this page in the Community pilot as an example.
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