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Welcome to Guided Procedures. This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around SAP Guided Procedures. Feel free to create and correct entries.

Guided Procedures is part of the composition tools delivered with SAP NetWeaver. This tool enables you to easily and quickly build processes that span multiple systems, including both SAP and non-SAP systems.


Getting Started : A  general introduction to GP

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Guided Procedures FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collections of problems and questions with solutions and answers to topics around Guided Procedure.

Process Examples

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    Guided Procedures Process Examples — Often, it is dificult to find examples of Guided Procedures processes. Such examples, however, are critical to those just getting started.



Callable Objects

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    Guided Procedures Callable Objects

    The power of Guided Procedures comes largely with its use of callable objects which form the bottom of the process layer - the technical heart that includes the interaction with the real systems, UIs, etc.

Interactive Forms

Using the Guided Procedure via API

Integration Issues

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    Integration Issues

    The ability to integrate Guided Procedures into other applications is critical

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