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The purpose of this document is to explain how to download a configuration file from the Universal Worklist (UWL).


If you are planning an upgrade, it is really important that you know how to download the xml files on the system and keep them in a safe place for upload afterward (See SAP SCN WIKI: How to Upload a File to the Universal Worklist).  Later in the document, we will discuss what should be done as good practice in the pre/post upgrade scenario.  One important factor to note is that all xml files that come preconfigured with the Universal Worklist as standard include the following:

  • uwl.webflow
  • uwl.bpem
  • uwl.standard
  • uwl.collaboration

The files listed above are installed when the UWLJWF package is implemented.  These configuration files will be at priority LOW on the system.

Downloading an XML file:

Navigate to System Administration-System Configuration-Universal Worklist and Workflow-Universal Worklist Administration-Click to Manage Item Types and View Definitions:

Now you will see the list of xml files.  Select the configuration:

Next scroll down and click on the download configuration button:

When you click on the Download Configuration button, you will see a popup window which looks like this:
Click on the link and you will be brought to the file download window:

Click on the save button to save the file to a location that you will remember later in order to upload it again after an upgrade.  Once the file is finished downloading you will receive a prompt:

Pre/Post Upgrade:

Before an upgrade, save all of the medium and high priority files in a safe location that you will remember on the system.  This is important since you will need these customized configurations to upload on to the system after the upgrade is performed.  Then perform the following checks by asking the following questions:

  1. Am I actually using this configuration in the Universal Worklist?
  2. By uploading this xml file am I going to cause conflicting item types with another file?
  3. Can I rewrite to have one file which contains my entire custom configuration?  This is advisable for smaller configurations.  For larger configurations, organize the xml files into one or more files according to logical content.
  4. Have there been any changes to connector names, etc. that I haven’t accounted for in my configuration?
  5. Have I checked that the sap_uwl_viewname and the useNavigationId match what is documented in the iView versus what is configured in the XML file?

Finally do a double check to be sure that you are actually using the files, before uploading them to the system.  This is important since there should be no reason to upload an xml that is no longer in use or that may conflict with additional item types on the system.


The low priority xml files, as shown above, are the files that come pre-installed when upgrading the system.  Files with a priority higher than low, are not pre-installed configurations.

It is also a good idea to periodically maintain your custom xml files.  Ideally, one custom xml file should be maintained on the system to include a syntactically correct, well written file, using necessary information from the Configuration DTD

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