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In the SAP NFE solution, it is possible to define the government status codes through a customizing table.
In order to access it, go to SPRO -> SAP IMG Reference -> SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica -> Define Authority's Status Code.

The Status Codes descriptions will be associated to the language you're logged on (but it is also possible to translate the descriptions through the Goto -> Translation menu).

Alternativelly, it is possible to upload the Status Codes and descriptions from a pre-defined txt file, through the /XNFE/GOVERMENT_STATUS_LOAD report in the SAP NFE solution.
For that, the txt file needs to contain a header line and, for each Status Code, one line with the status number (3 digits) and the description, separated by tab.
When you execute the report, you need two input parameters: the location of the txt file (it can be in your local machine) and the language of the Status Codes descriptions.

The Government Status Codes are included in the Government Implementation Guide (Manual de Integração do Contribuinte), section 5.1.1.
You can copy them from there and paste them in a txt file. However, you'll also need to separate the status code and the description with a tab.
You can use MS Excel for that.

The following link contains a ready-to-go txt file with the Status Codes and Descriptions in Portuguese (PT):
Karsten Kötter has uploaded a link for a file with the descriptions in English (EN):

To transport the status code data to other systems, you can add the relevant customizing content to a request.
For that, follow these steps:

  • On the NFE system, go to SPRO -> SAP IMG Reference -> SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica -> Define Authority's Status Code
  • On the menu, go to Table View -> Transport;
  • Create or select the request you want to use to transport these values;
  • Mark all entries ( F7 );
  • Click on "Include in Request" button;
  • Click on "Save" button.

Obs: This view is language dependent, so you need to repeat these steps for each language you need to use on your NFE system.


  1. Unknown User (m3bbx69)

    Hello Henrique,

    I uploaded a first version of the english translation of the government status codes: - maybe you can review it?

    Thanks & best regards,


  2. Hi Karsten,

    I think this is ok, but I could not test it (since our internal systems already had EN entries and I didn't want to possible mess them up (smile)).
    But I suppose you have tested it properly, right?

    I'll link it in the wiki page; thanks for sharing!