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Unlike to the popular notion that developers and techies do not have or need soft skills, they do. Showing passion, being able to communicate and structure a problem, being helpful, working in teams etc. are soft skills that geeks are noticing in other geeks as well. Although you never find these skills on a resume, or at least with the importance that they actually do have.

Have you ever asked yourself, why you like working with some people in your organization more than with others? Here is an example from Peopleware - Productive Projects and Teams:

A company hired consultants, who were asked to make a cost analysis of departments and their employees, had one female engineer on their list, whom they believed did not add value to the company and put her on the layoff list. Deeper analysis showed that all projects that she had worked on, had been extremely successful and other engineers actually were anxious to be on her projects.

For Business Process Experts that's an example for a person with extremely well developed soft skills. She obviously was able to add good spirit to the team, motivate people and have them stay focused and result driven. An example of a great leader not by being named the leader, but just by being a leader.