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Order to Cash (OTC)


In an Order-to-Cash (OTC) process, everything that leads from the order, packaging, delivery to having the actual money in the bank is included.


Some basic steps for OTC can include:

  • Create or Maintain Customer
  • Create or Maintain Material Master
  • Create or Maintain Condition Records for Pricing
  • Enter and Authorize Sales Order
    • Convert Quote to Order
    • Validate Product Configuration
    • Verify Billing, Shipping, Payment details
    • Apply Discounts
  • Review Credit of Customer
  • Verify Stock
  • Plan Delivery Schedule
  • Pack and Ship Product
  • Billing and Cash Receipt
  • Contract to Renewal

Process Flow

  • Sales Quotation
  • Standard Order
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Picking
  • Posting Goods Issue
  • Warehouse Picking Execution
  • Packing
  • Posting Goods Issue
  • Billing
  • Payment of Customer
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