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ASUG BPX Day 2008 Session 3 - Organizational Change Management in Business Network Transformation
Kerry Brown - SAP Global Director of OCM

Strategic Organizational alignment

What is the change related to that

 Change Management - OCM Knowledge Center

9 Key values of Organizational change Management factos

In terms of focusing on Change, What are the best or leading practices.

OCM benchmarking - best practices link on OCM site

Incremental investment laggards vs leaders.  Investment by leaders wasn't that much greater but got a 20%

Characteristics are the same - elements are the same but the levels of effort are different

What reasons resist change :

Didn't know about it

Awareness - Understanding - Acceptance - Individual Adoption - Organizational Adoption

Scale of Change - What is required for the organization

 Levers for Change -

Relay Race - Passing the Baton

Right or Left off the elevator?

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