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Purpose and Goal

Why is the process performed?

Ultimate reason for the existence of the process and the purpose it serves

Example: Generate leads for new products within 1 month


Which objects are used, modified, and produced?

Business object manipulated by business processes. The two most important objects are input & output

Examples: purchase order (PO), invoice


What kind of technology enables the process execution?

Systems, tools, and hardware used

Example: mySAP SRM


By which media do processes interact?

Means of communication used

Examples: paper, fax, e-mail

Process Flow

Which processes precede and follow?

Business-logical sequence of activities that constitutes a business process

Example: receive PO, check availability, confirm delivery date


Which tasks are needed to ensure compliance?

Significant, compliance related tasks that have to be considered to fulfill regulatory requirements (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley-Act)

Example: Check if contract has customer signature

Organizational Units

Which organizational units contribute to the process execution?

Processes run across one or more organizational units

Examples: business department, HR, Controlling


Which roles need to contribute to the process execution?

Task and responsibility bundles, to be clearly distinguished from the person that is performing the role

Examples: hiring manager, recruiter

Process Owner

Who is responsible for the process?

Manager with end-to-end responsibility for individual processes

PPIs (Process Performance Indicators)

How is the process performance measured?

Key metric quantifying the performance of a process along the dimensions time, cost or quality

Examples: # of created POs, process cycle time

Business Rules

Which rules govern the business?

Decision rule for a specific business situation stating which alternative should be chosen according to pre-defined decision criteria

Example: Prioritization guidelines, disturbances, decision processes

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