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Exclusive BPX Community Content:

Process Modeling With Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

Dr. Bruce Silver is an independent industry analyst and consultant focused on business process management software. Dr. Silver provides training on process modeling with BPMN through, the BPM Institute, and Gartner conferences, and is the author of The BPMS Report series of product evaluations available from

Process Modeling With BPMN: Six-Part eLearning Series

Delivered in six 20-minute segments of Flash video, this course explains all of the diagram patterns important to process modeling with BPMN and how BPMN is used in conjunction with executable process design.  The course also offers a glimpse at a "technology preview" of next-generation SAP NetWeaver BPMN technology, which was used to create most of the diagrams.  The course outline, and the links to each session, appear below.

Session 1: BPMN Modeling and Business-Empowered Implementation

  • Process modeling vs design
  • BPMN vs traditional BPA tools
  • BPMN background and status
  • Unique benefits of BPMN
  • BPMN and the Business Process Expert

Session 2: BPMN in 20 minutes

  • Processes and pools
  • Sequence flows, message flows, and data flows
  • Activities - tasks and subprocesses
  • Gateways
  • Events
  • Artifacts

Session 3: Flow Control with Gateways

  • Gateway overview
  • Exclusive decision
  • Event gateway
  • Parallel split
  • Synchronizing join
  • Exclusive/uncontrolled merge
  • Inclusive decision and merge

Session 4: The cool part of BPMN: Events! 

Session 5: Exception Handling Patterns in BPMN

Session 6: The Art of Process Modeling with BPMN

See Also: Process Modeling with BPMN - Article Series


  1. Anonymous

    The eLearning bullets I deleted were those that I gave to Harald.  I still intend to follow those topics generally, but assuming this is going to be published I would rather leave just the 6 topics and flesh out the outline detail as we get closer.  So I deleted the bullets in the wiki and made it conform with my email to Audrey on 11/28.

  2. Unknown User (99zr2wk5)

     BPMN, what's it stand for?

     I was taught never to use an acronym without defining it.

  3. BPMN = Business Process Modeling Notation

  4. This elearning content is GREAT!  I just updated my blog on workflow in SAP NetWeaver (  to point to this content! 

  5. Unknown User (vb8p0pd)

    I wasn't able to launch the eLearning. Just an error, just would not launch


  6. Hi Nathan,

    Which one did you try to launch? The first one in the series? How long did you wait for it to come up?

  7. Unknown User (yqetohy)

    Hi Audrey,

     unfortunately, I cannot load the second session. It comes back with an error of being too large. Is there a way to attach it for download?

     Thank you,


  8. Hi Jochen,

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to attach it for download. And I'm not able to re-create your issue; the session loads for me.

    However, I will check and see if someone on my team has another suggestion for you.


  9. Anonymous

    Hi Jochen,

    There is one sneaky way to download the files. You need a flashgrabber (For example "Flash Hunter") that enables you to store the files locally. I installed such a tool for exactly this reason. I want to have local access to the BPMN e-learning series when I wasn't online (in a train, etc.)


  10. Unknown User (y26626i)

    Bruce, that's a great job!

    Richard, could you give more details about how to download it, please?


  11. Unknown User (goxsoxk)


    Just found another  great BPMN tutorial, at

    On the left side menu, under free materials, there are slides with animation of BPMN 1.1.