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Procure to Pay


The Procure-to-Pay (PTP) process contains all steps from purchasing goods from a supplier, to paying the supplier.

PTP is also known as Purchase-to-Payment.


Some basic steps include:

  • Create or Maintain Suppliers
  • Prepare Purchase Order
  • Receive Goods from Supplier
  • Enable Payment

Process Flow

The procurement cycle passes through the following phases:

  • Determination of Requirements
  • Source Determination <Or> Vendor Selection and Comparison of Quotations
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Purchase order Release
  • Purchase Order Follow-Up
  • Goods Receiving and Inventory Management
  • Goods Inspection
  • Invoice Verification ( Subject to acceptance of Goods Inspection)
  • Issue Payment Advice
  • Vendor Performance

Related Business KPIs  

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  1. Guest


    I thought it would be benefitial if we added related business KPIs to the scenario descriptions. Business KPIs enable you to measure whether you run your respective process in a good or bad way. Since we already have a very rich and comprehensive repository of business KPIs inside BPX, I just added some links.

    Please let me know what you think. I might add additional KPIs to other scenarios as well...



  2. Guest

    Do you know where I can go to find out more info on how PTP works? Im lookning for things on rebate management and payment processing? THANKS!