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Procure to Pay


The Procure-to-Pay (PTP) process contains all steps from purchasing goods from a supplier, to paying the supplier.

PTP is also known as Purchase-to-Payment.


Some basic steps include:

  • Create or Maintain Suppliers
  • Prepare Purchase Order
  • Receive Goods from Supplier
  • Enable Payment

Process Flow

The procurement cycle passes through the following phases:

  • Determination of Requirements
  • Source Determination <Or> Vendor Selection and Comparison of Quotations
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Purchase order Release
  • Purchase Order Follow-Up
  • Goods Receiving and Inventory Management
  • Goods Inspection
  • Invoice Verification ( Subject to acceptance of Goods Inspection)
  • Issue Payment Advice
  • Vendor Performance

Related Business KPIs  

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  1. Unknown User (106l672v0)


    I thought it would be benefitial if we added related business KPIs to the scenario descriptions. Business KPIs enable you to measure whether you run your respective process in a good or bad way. Since we already have a very rich and comprehensive repository of business KPIs inside BPX, I just added some links.

    Please let me know what you think. I might add additional KPIs to other scenarios as well...



  2. Unknown User (1000d8ypj)

    Do you know where I can go to find out more info on how PTP works? Im lookning for things on rebate management and payment processing? THANKS!

  3. All the pages of Related links are broken.