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SDN / BPX Badges

Badges are the ability of individuals to associate themselves with a particular group of community members.

The idea is that members can add badges to their wiki profiles so that other members can see if there are common interests are not.

There is a blog describing the motivation of using badges here.

Adding new badges

You can add your own badges by naming the badge and creating a description. Of course, you can add a picture as well.

Before adding your own badge, please check to see if an appropriate badge is already present.

Adding badges to your wiki profile

If you want to add badges to your profile, you should create a table in the wiki and either add the icon or the name of the badge. To add the badge icon, you must save the picture to your local computer and then add it as an attachment to your wiki profile.

Here is one example of a profile  with badges.

Badge List





SDN/BPX Addict

I view SDN/BPX at least 3 times a day and can't live without my daily SDN/BPX consumption.

BPX Advocate

I am a BPX Advocate.

Community Project Supporter

I support the BPX Community Project.

Community Day Participant

I participated at a Community Day at a one of the TechEds. Add the details (Munich 2007, etc.) to the badge listing





CE Nut

I am crazy about the Composition Environment.

SAPLink Supporter

I am a SAPLinkSupporter.











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