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The following list contains these columns

  • Site: This is the name of BPM Community
  • Vendor Description: This is how the owner/vendor describes the site. Don't be surprised if some marketing text appears here.
  • Blogs / other descriptions: These are helpful links that describe the site in more detail.  


    Vendor Description

    Blogs / other descriptions

    Lombardi Blueprint

    The idea behind Blueprint is that the greater the number of stakeholders who collaboratively participate in and contribute to process discovery, the greater the quality of your business process improvement efforts. Traditionally, due to their complicated nature, process mapping tools have been used only by a select group of individuals and did little to provide for collaboration.
    Blueprint's ease-of-use, browser-based delivery and wiki-like structure have changed this and allow stakeholders inside and outside your organization as well as across functions, campuses and even oceans to collaboratively participate in process improvement. Blueprint takes the practice of process from the hands of the few and spreads it throughout your organization. In effect, the Blueprint platform becomes the central communication platform for collecting, sharing and improving how work gets done in your organization.

    Description from Sandy Kemsley. Description from Lombardi.

    IBM BlueWorks

    BPM BlueWorks provides business users an easy on-ramp to business process management (BPM) with cloud-based process and strategy tools. Business Leaders and Business Analysts can create, share, and collaborate - leveraging pre-built BPM content and contributions from BPM experts and users around the world to move quickly from strategy mapping to process execution.

    Description from Bruce Silver

    Software AG AlignSpace

    AlignSpace, the world's first social Business Process Management (BPM) platform and community site, provides individuals a way to collaborate on process improvement with other process experts worldwide. The site's main features are:
    Ÿ         Collaborative process design - Members of AlignSpace can collaborate online on a "drag and drop" process model to visualize a new business process
    Ÿ         Social networking - Connect with colleagues in your organization to discuss your ideas with fellow practitioners around the world.
    Ÿ         Universal translation of BPM models - AlignSpace can import and export process models to all popular BPM formats, so your ideas can be immediately put to the test in a Business Process Management System (BPMS).
    Ÿ         Marketplace - Members can share or offer for sale their value added expertise, products and processes

    Description from Sandy Kemsley.
    Description from Gartner

    Process Wiki

    The process Wiki is an online website where any user can design and describe best-practice process models, store them in a central repository and share them with other people. The Process Wiki is also a knowledge resource about process modeling in general. You can find articles, links to other websites and (free) process modeling software.
    Like Wikipedia the Process Wiki and process-repository is made up out of contributions by a dedicated online community.

    Description from a blogger


    The Signavio Process Editor provides easy access to professional business process management thanks to innovative web technology. This allows it to incorporate more employees or even business partners, suppliers and customers into the process of process design.

    Description from Bruce Silver

    BPMN Community

    The platform combines wiki principles, e-learning and process modeling. It's a place for everybody interested in BPMN modeling to learn and share knowledge. You can do tutorials, discuss best practices in modeling and improve your modeling skills.


    BPM Exchange

    Ÿ         A social networking platform to invite current and future BPM practitioners and experts to put in common knowledge, expertise and mutual support.
    Ÿ         An online process discovery and modeling space
    Ÿ         Group collaboration and social computing workspaces, that will allow for a deeper project consulting and management capabilities for typical or exceptional BPM initiatives
    Ÿ         Ability to export and execute business processes, in your platform of choice



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