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Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver Portal



1. Introduction

2. Standard Universal Worklist Configuration

2.1 Connecting SAP Systems

  1. Portal System definitions
  2. UWL System Definitions
  3. SAP Authorizations and Prerequisites Needed for UWL
  4. Registering Item Types
  5. Configuring Alerts
  6. The Result

2.2 Overview of UWL Configuration

  1. iView Properties
  2. Wizards
  3. XML Configuration
  4. Transaction SWFVISU in the SAP Business Workflow System

2.3 Changing the Basic Look of UWL

  1. Changing the Look of the Worklist
  2. Which Buttons and Links Are Shown
  3. Which Details Are Shown
  4. Attached Business Objects
  5. Substitution
  6. Debugging Information

2.4 How Work Items Are Launched

  1. SAP GUI - Win, Web, or Java
  2. Nonportal URLs
  3. Portal iViews and Pages
  4. Web Dynpro Applications

2.5 Summary

3. Customizing the Universal Worklist

3.1 Custom Attributes and Views

  1. Custom Attributes
  2. Wizard-Based Configuration
  3. Direct XML Configuration
  4. Adding Notes

3.2 Alternative Action Handlers

  1. User Decision Handler
  2. Terminating Event Handler
  3. Updating Container Handler
  4. Function Module Action Handler
  5. Making Decisions in Bulk

3.3 Custom Work Item Handlers

  1. Workshop 1: Web Dynpro Application Item Handler
  2. Workshop 2: Java iView Application Item Handler

3.4 Summary

4. Other UWL Workflow Types

4.1 Ad-hoc Workflow

  1. Standalone Task
  2. Task List
  3. Workflow-Related Task (Subprocess)
  4. Request for Feedback
  5. Request for Nomination

4.2 Publishing Workflow

  1. Configuring an Approval Workflow
  2. Running Through the Publishing Process

4.3 Guided Procedures

  1. Process Overview
  2. Create an Input Form Callable Object
  3. Create an Approval Callable Object
  4. Create Email Templates for Approval and Rejection
  5. Create an RFC Callable Object
  6. Callable Object to Get User Info
  7. Business Logic Objects
  8. Create Actions from Objects
  9. Compose Process from Actions
  10. Testing the Guided Procedure
  11. Integrating Guided Procedures with UWL

4.4 Third-Party Workflow

  1. Getting Started
  2. Getting Items from the Backend
  3. Configuring Item Display
  4. Handling Actions
  5. Deploying and Testing

4.5 Summary

5. UWL Behind the Scenes

5.1 Troubleshooting UWL

  1. UWL Support Information
  2. UWL Logs

5.2 UWL Performance Tuning

  1. Delta-Pull Mechanism
  2. Roles and System Configuration Groups
  3. Execution Mode, Caching, and Pooling

5.3 How UWL Talks to SAP Business Workflow

  1. Register System
  2. Display UWL Without Delta-Pull Enabled
  3. Display UWL with Delta-Pull Enabled
  4. Substitutions
  5. Display Work Item Details
  6. Action Handlers

5.4 Technical Considerations

  1. SAP Business Workflow
  2. SAP GUI for HTML (WebGUI)
  3. SAP GUI for Java (JavaGUI)
  4. SAP GUI for Windows

5.5 Summary

6. Next-Generation Workflow

6.1 Business Processes and Enterprise Services

  1. Standards for Web Services: SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
  2. Business Process Modeling Standards: BPML, BPEL, and BPEL4People

6.2 Workshop: Workflow on a BlackBerry

  1. Setting Up a BlackBerry Test Environment
  2. Check Access to the Web Dynpro Application from a BlackBerry
  3. Configure Workflow Step to Send Email
  4. Customize the Workflow Email to Contain a Link to the Web Dynpro Application
  5. Test the Workflow Email to the BlackBerry
  6. Configure Single Sign-on from BlackBerry to SAP

6.3 SAP NetWeaver Voice

  1. How to Get Started with SAP NetWeaver Voice
  2. Workflow Integration
  3. Authentication
  4. SAP Documentation

6.4 Duet: Business Processes in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Duet Workflow Scenarios
  2. Duet Architecture and Infrastructure Requirements

6.5 Summary

A. Setting Up a UWL Development Environment

A.1 SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.0 Trial Version

  1. Download and Install Software
  2. Set Up System Profiles
  3. Apply For and Install License Key
  4. Client Copy
  5. User Administration
  6. Setting Up SAP Business Workflow on the New Client
  7. Check the Workflow Setup

A.2 Setting Up an Organizational Plan for the Notification of Absence Example

A.3 Configure the SAP Notification of Absence Workflow

A.4 SAP NetWeaver Java 7.0 Trial Version

  1. Download and Install Software
  2. Set Up Single Sign-on

B. References and Further Reading

B.1 SAP Documentation

B.2 SAP Community Network Content

B.3 Useful SAP Notes

B.4 SAP Business Workflow and UWL Function Modules

C. Source Code for Web Dynpro Action Handler


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  1. Unknown User (103ccvfec)

    Congratulation for your new book "UWL with SAP".On page 41 you write that one needs not only to update the container when using the "UpdatingContainerHandler" to approve on absence request but also to update the "FORMABSENC". Would you happen to have a complete example of this? How can I do that when using the "UpdatingContainerHandler" withinan action of a xml config?Don't I need another handler ("Function ModuleHandler") to do that?How can I use to handlers are call another action from an action when using xml config?
     Thank you very much for your help und your great book!