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  1. How do I set up a WebFlow back-end system for the UWL?
    I cannot access the document pointed, for the URL seems wrong: http://uwl/docs/UWLConfiguration.ppt
    Would it be possible to update it ?

  2. Unknown User (k3yxeo2)

    Is it possible to send tasks to multiple persons?  

  3. Hello,

    The question "is it possible to send tasks to mulitple persons" has now been added to the wiki.   Regarding the ppt link, we should remove it from the wiki.  I am not sure who added the link, but the owner needs to update or remove it. 



  4. Unknown User (dy76s4x)


    Can you add the following entry?

    - How to hide attachments for certain specific tasks


    Antonio Caldas

  5. Unknown User (d7o2v8i)


    After configuration of UWL, I could able to see the GP actions(tasks).

    Once I complete that action and go to "Completed task" area in UWL, I am unable to see any completed task. Can you please elaborate why this is happening? What could be the probable solution for this?

    Thanks & Regards,


  6. Unknown User (yni14r0)


    Did someone created any other UWL client instead of the portal?


  7. Former Member


     is it possible to display BPM 7.2 items within a UWL 7.0 worklist?

    If yes, how?



  8. Former Member

    I think a "How to..."-Guide about how to create Custom UWL Connectors for a current SAP NW (CE) Release (7.3) would be great.


  9. Anonymous

    Hi Jan,

    Do you have the javadocs for 7.3?  If you click on Composition Environment, then Universal Worklist you will find the information that you need. 

    Also try creating a message/searching in relation to this in the forums: is the link to the Universal Worklist forum.

    Best Regards,
    Beth Maben