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Increase Time to Increase Performance in Universal Worklist


The purpose of this document is to ensure that all configuration is set up accordingly in the Universal Worklist in order for the system to run at optimal performance.  There are many parameters to take into account and these parameters must be set correctly to avoid issues with memory and CPU spikes.


The Delta Pull Mechanism should always be used in a case where there is a high volume of workitems and it's applicable to use the pull.  Following these guidelines will also help with the refresh and seeing the workitems come and go into the worklist in a timely fashion.

General Guidelines to Follow:

Follow these guidelines in relation to the Delta Pull to avoid CPU spikes:

  1. Ensure that SAP Note 1133821- UWL Destination Service configuration has been read and implemented.
  2. Set up the Delta Pull
  3. The Delta Pull for WebFlow connector requires that the ABAP jobs at the backend are configured correctly (RSWNUWLSEL or SWN_SELSEN). 
  4. See documentation: Enabling Delta Pull Mechanism (Only Backend systems > 7.00)
  5. 3rd party configuration of jobs is not supported

Tradeoff - Time vs. Performance:

The Delta Pull should be no longer than the time required for the task to be updated in the UWL for all new items from the backend. If the items are created more frequently, the period should be shortened and vice versa. The performance will be better with higher values but the items in the worklist may not be always up to date.  The minimal value is 60 seconds and it is also the default value.  This means that even with delta pull configured, the workitems will stay in the Universal Worklist for 1 minute. 

  • The value can be found on the following path in the portal:  System Administration, System Configuration, Universal Worklist and Workflow, Universal Worklist Administration, Click on the respective connector that you are configuring with the delta pull:
  • The Cache Validity Period should have a  longer period value than the delta pull. If cache validity has expired then a call to backend will be performed regardless of the fact that delta pull has occurred.  The Cache Validity Period can be found here:
  • The Page Refresh Rate specifies how often UI will be refreshed with data from the cache.  The Page Refresh Rate can be found here:
  • Alternatively the page refresh rate can be configured directly in the xml file for all users.   This parameter is displayed as "refresh" = 300 by default.  The value is in seconds(For more  information see: Views ).  The smallest that this value can be set is 1 minute.
  • The number of users per channel depends on the number of the tasks and the number of the users. The default value is 40 users per channel. Increasing this number will decrease the number of the calls to the backend; however, it will increase the amount of data per invocation that is transferred.  The number of users per channel can be increased with caution. (See: How to Avoid Out of Memory Issues Within the Universal Worklist).  This parameter can be found in the Optional Universal Service Configuration tray:
  • The Cache Validity Period takes precedence.
  • The Page Refresh Rate should be configured with less time than the value of cache validity.
  • The Delta Pull Refresh period should be set with the smallest value.
  • Delta Pull Refresh Period must be greater than Timeout value.  UWL will run the thread for fetching items from backend. If the thread is not finished for connector timeout period then the data is invalid. UWL will run another thread configured by Delta Pull Refresh Period. If Delta Pull Refresh Period is a smaller value than the connector timeout value, a new thread will run along with the previous unfinished thread. This will cause performance degradation. 

Basic Guideline to Remember For Optimized Performance: 

The guideline to follow in regards to the delta pull configuration in order for performance to be optimized is:
Cache Validity >  Page Refresh Rate > Delta Pull Period

In the screenshots Cache Validity = 5 Minutes > Page Refresh Rate = 3 Minutes > Delta Pull Refresh Period = 1 Minute (thumbs up)
NOTE: The time that the workitems will enter and leave the worklist is dependent on the parameters mentioned above, and the LEAST amount of time that the changes will occur will be one minute.  In newer releases of the Universal Worklist (>7.02 SP2 and 720 SP2/Backend and UWLJWF), the Refresh of completed items will cause workitems that are completed to leave the Universal Worklist real-time.

BPEMConnector Performance:

For documentation specifically related to the BPEMConnector, see also: SAP note: 1689669  - Performance issues in the Universal Worklist when Using the BPEMConnector.

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