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Welcome to the wiki for the SAP PRESS book "Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver Portal", by Darren Hague.

Below you will find two links. The first is to the Table of Contents for the book, so you can see at a glance what it contains and how it can help you with your Portal-based workflow projects. The second link is to a collection of resources to help you get the most from the book, including all the code listings (to save you typing), links to all of the SAP documentation mentioned in the book, and downloadable copies of the NetWeaver Developer Studio projects for the two main workshops in the book.

Please click on the "Comments" tab above if you want to discuss any aspect of the book - I'll be monitoring this page and I will respond as quickly as I can to any questions.

Table of Contents


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  1. Unknown User (103ccvfec)

    Congratulation for your new book "UWL with SAP".

    On page 41 you write that one needs not only to update the container when using the "UpdatingContainerHandler" to approve on absence request but also to update the "FORMABSENC". 

    Would you happen to have a complete example of this? How can I do that when using the "UpdatingContainerHandler" withinan action of a xml config?Don't I need another handler ("Function ModuleHandler") to do that?How can I use to handlers are call another action from an action when using xml config?

     Thank you very much for your help und your great book!

  2. Unknown User (105qujchd)

    To implement

    Workflow process for purchase requisition
    Workflow process for purchase order

    in portal UWL

    for the above scenario what need to be done in portal?


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Jens,

    The basic problem is that to approve a FORMABSENC, you have to both update the container and write to the business object. Unfortunately, you can't do both of these directly from the UWL.

    There are two options, both involving custom code. The first is to write your own action handler for the UWL, which is what I do with the Web Dynpro application later in the chapter. The other option would be to write an ABAP function module to perform both the container update and business object writing for you, and you could then use a Function Module handler to call this custom ABAP.

    I hope this is helpful to you,

  4. Anonymous

    Hello Padman,

    This is a very general question, but can I assume you just want to approve PRs and POs, rather than implementing the entire processes?

    This should all be done automatically when you register the back-end system for the UWL - you will see the work items coming through to the Universal Worklist. Following the details in Chapter 2 should be enough to get that working. If you wish to modify what happens when you select one of those workitems, then you need to do custom configuration as in Chapter 3.

    If you have any specific questions about the details, post them here and I will try to answer them.

    All the best,

  5. Unknown User (103ccvfec)

    Thank you for your kind, quick and helpfull answer.
    I feared that this would not be configurable but rather involving custom code.

    Thanks for validating this. 



  6. Unknown User (103ccvfec)

    Dear Darren,

    I am using Task TS12300097 and try to display stuff rom the container in the UWL via the XML config.

    I wonder what the correct objectIdHolder might be. I put:

         <CustomAttributeSource id="WEBFLOW_CONTAINER" objectIdHolder="externalId" objectType="WebflowContainer" cacheValidity="default">
            <Attribute name="FIRSTDAYOFABSENCE" type="date" displayName="FIRSTDAYOFABSENCE"/>
            <Attribute name="LASTDAYOFABSENCE" type="date" displayName="LASTDAYOFABSENCE"/>
                   <Attribute name="ABSENCE_TYPE" type="string" displayName="Absence Type"/>

    I put  objectIdHolder="externalId" as recommended, but I have limited acces to the backend and can't really tell if externalId is applicable here.

    What is the right objectIdHolder for Task  TS12300097?



  7. Unknown User (103ccvfec)


    The  snippet below works sometimes fine in TASK TS12300097.

      <CustomAttributeSource id="WEBFLOW_CONTAINER" objectIdHolder="externalId" objectType="WebflowContainer" cacheValidity="default">
            <Attribute name="FIRSTDAYOFABSENCE" type="date" displayName="FIRSTDAYOFABSENCE"/>
            <Attribute name="LASTDAYOFABSENCE" type="date" displayName="LASTDAYOFABSENCE"/>
            <Attribute name="ABSENCE_TYPE" type="string" displayName="Absence Type"/>

    However it's wired, somtimes I see my custom attributes displayed and sometimes I don't.Even for items which have been displayed fine earlier will not display the custom attributes later on. 

    Any suggestions who to show them permanently?

    Thank you,


  8. Anonymous

    Hi Jens,

    I remember seeing similar behaviour a few times. After uploading your config, have you made sure to clear all the UWL caches and log off the Portal and log back in?

    If you still have a problem:
    Are you using delta-pull, and do you have more than one server node in your Java server? It's very unlikely that either of these is a problem, but it may be worth trying a change to or from delta-pull mode, or using only one J2EE server node.

    Any further comments on this particular issue would probably be better off placed in the Forums area of SDN - just send me an email with the link to the message if you do so.

    Best regards,

  9. Unknown User (102pmzdc0)

    Hello Darren,

    your new book "Universal Worklist with SAP Netweaver Portal" helped me a lot to customize UWL with a backend workflow.

    Unfortunately I still have a problem. In the UWL overview one SAP Standard attribute (creatorId) and 3 custom attributes from the backend workflow are shown with a time delay. First the workitem is loading and after a few clicks on "refresh" the additional attributes are coming to life.

    I am not sure if this is the SAP default behaviour, I found the following hint in the SAP Help:

    Note that once an item arrives, these custom attributes are retrieved in additional calls to the backend. For performance reasons, in order to minimize responses times to the end user, this may happen while the item is displayed to the end user - causing such attributes to be empty initially and only to appear in subsequent requests.

    I am wondering because also the SAP Standard attribute "creatorId" is loaded with a time delay?!?!?

     I also configured the Delta Pull Mechanism, that you described in chapter 5.2. It looks like that the 4 attributes are not included in the cache / delta pull. Is there another configuration necessary, that the attributes are included in the delta-pull-mechanism?

    Thanks again for your good work,


  10. Anonymous

    Hi Michael,

    I don't think there is any configuration in this area. The reason is that the delta-pull uses a standard SAP RFC to bring back the standard set of attributes for workitems for all users. Custom attributes, being custom in nature, are not included in this standard call, and are therefore read "on demand" when the user accesses the UWL.

    Best regards,

  11. Unknown User (107emuhza)

    Hi Darren,

     We currently run workflow approvals from several applications through the UWL.  What we'd like to do next is to push these approvals out to a BlackBerry device (from the UWL).  I've taken a look at your book, in particular Chapter 6 where you discuss Workflow on a BlackBerry, and I'm wondering if you can clarify a couple of points that were made?

    On page 114, the point is made that Web Dynpro Java automatically detects a BlackBerry device, and the content is rendered appropriately in WML instead of HTML. 

    On page 117, a similar point is made that no changes to the Web Dynpro application are needed in order to make it work on a BlackBerry. 

    Does this detection and rendering work from the UWL?  Some of our apps have approval screens that allow for more than just an APPROVE/DENY option.  How would these be rendered appropriately?  (We're currently running into problems trying to accomplish this).  It appears from the examples on page 117 that the approval screens will show up with a simple "Approve/Reject" option on the BB device - which is basically the way it was presented from Web Dynpro.  Our assumption is that we may need to create 2 separate Approval Views - one to be displayed from the Portal environment & a 2nd (much more basic) to be displayed from a BB device?

    I appreciate any feedback that you may be able to provide.

    Thank you,


  12. Hi Steve,

    With respect to detection and rendering of the UWL on a BlackBerry, I don't think this is going to work - i.e. you will not be able to display the UWL itself on a BlackBerry. Access to the BlackBerry approval app is best done by providing a suitable link in the workflow notification email. However, you can build a workitem processing application in Web Dynpro and the Web Dynpro Java framework will detect the BlackBerry client and render accordingly - this is a standard part of "Mobile Web Dynpro", although only a subset of the Web Dynpro components are supported for mobile rendering.

    You are correct in that it would be best to produce two Approval views in your app, and you could code your WDP interface controller to detect the device type (from the request headers) and redirect to the correct view.

    Best regards,


  13. Unknown User (z5lgmiz)

    Hi Darren,

    I recently purchased the book and have enjoyed reading it.  The content has been a big help in gaining additional understanding of the UWL.  We are currently trying to deliver SAP approval functions via the BlackBerry as described on page 120 - 123 but are running into a couple of issues. 

    The 1st issue is that the RIMLoginModule is authenticating BlackBerry users as the 1st user in the UME without an email assigned.  We have the following message in our defaultTrace:   "Successfully logged in user with e-mail=null"

    We can mitigate this issue by ensuring that all users have an email address assigned in the UME. 

    The 2nd issue is that once we configure the ticket policy configuration as shown in Figure 6.17 on page 122, non-blackberry users are no longer able to authenticate.  They receive a "User No Longer Valid" error message.  This is our big issue.

    Have you seen this in the past and if so, how could it be resolved?

    Thanks in advance,


  14. Unknown User (w26iou8)

    Hi Darren,

    When is the next edition of this book due to be released?  I have been searching on the internet in vain for a copy (everyone's sold out, or selling at unbelievable high price!)

    Thanks in advance,