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What and Who is a Business Process Expert (BPX)?


Business Process Experts (BPX) are internal and external individuals or groups of people in an organization, who bridge the gap between information technology and business professionals. The BPX on the one hand is tech savvy and knows sufficiently enough the implications of the business process' requirements on factors like performance, data volume, network traffic, existing landscape, and the criteria for selecting adequate technologies like user interface, programming language, application platform, security, etc. On the other hand the BPX understands the business process, the organization's strategy and legacy, drives innovation within the organization and uses best practices that go beyond the scope of single departments and the organization. In addition a BPX needs to be aware of the history of the organization, the politics and the corporate culture. For this a BPX needs soft and hard skills, be fluent in both tech- and business-terminology, as well as have a deep modeling knowledge. This way a BPX is able to map business scenarios to information technologies, realize them, nurture innovative topics, is able to think strategically.

For the Business Process Expert multiple other names are in use, most of them addressing a subset of the BPX' tasks and skills. Other common names are Business Analyst, Business consultant, Functional Consultant, Technical Consultant or go-between

What types of BPX are there?

This leads us to two potential BPX types: the Solution BPX and Enterprise BPX. If we're looking for equivalent from the building industry, the EBPX is equivalent to city architecture, while the Solution BPX is equal to other architects (like the building, roads and gardens architects). See also Enterprise Architects from Natty Gur.

The exact definition of these types are in Types of BPX.

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