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Initially BSP shipped the HTMLB rendering library with the CLASSIC design (now deprecated). Later a DESIGN2002 was added (also deprecated), which was a hand-written HTML rendering engine. In the last years, this was replaced with DESIGN2003, that is based on SAP's new common HTML rendering engine that is used across all SAP products. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get a 100% perfect match between the designs, due to the completely different architecture and implementations in use. Here the differences are documented.

HTMLB Attributes with Changed Behavior

<htmlb:* *color>

With DESIGN2002, in a number of places it was possible to use colors that were reflected directly in the rendering. With DESIGN2003, the raw use of colours are not supported any more. For a number of cases this has been replaced with semantic colors.

<htmlb:label design>

With DESIGN2002, the <htmlb:label> supports the same design enumeration as that of the textview. In design2003, the design attribute is deprecated, and not used anymore. Labels elements can only function in their role as a label to a form field. If the other designs are required, just use the <htmlb:textView> element as replacement.

<htmlb:textView textColor>

This attribute was initially NOT supported in earlier service packs, and only from 620SP38 was it possible to specify a semantic colour. The following values are supported: DEFAULT, DIMINISHED, POSITIVE, CRITICAL, NEGATIVE, MARKED1 and MARKED2.

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell style>

Only the following values are supported: HEADER, FILL1, FILL2, FILL3, PLAIN, TRANSPARENT and BORDER.


IF_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW_ITERATOR~RENDER_CELL_START/P_STYLE. In the iterator call, the DESIGN2002 technique of setting different values into the p_style string is not supported any more. What is available for DESIGN2003 is exactly the technical implementation technique, but with logical styles. At the moment only the style value "celldesign" is supported. It can have any of the following values: STANDARD, ALTERNATING, TRANSPARENT, NEGATIVE, POSITIVE, TOTAL, SUBTOTAL, SUBTOTAL_LIGHT, BADVALUE_DARK, BADVALUE_MEDIUM, BADVALUE_LIGHT, CRITICALVALUE_DARK, CRITICALVALUE_MEDIUM, CRITICALVALUE_LIGHT, GOODVALUE_DARK, GOODVALUE_MEDIUM, GOODVALUE_LIGHT, GROUP_HIGHLIGHTED, GROUP_HIGHLIGHTED_LIGHT, KEY_MEDIUM, GROUP_LEVEL1, GROUP_LEVEL2, GROUP_LEVEL3, MARKED, FILTER, FILTERICON and POPIN.




The number of visible Tabs equals 7 in Design2003. In Design2002 the number of visible Tabs depends on width of tabstrip.

Deprecated HTMLB Attributes

For DESIGN2003, it was not possible to support a number of minor attributes. These attributes will still be listed on the elements, but will not be used in the rendering anymore. If they are referenced on any BSP page, that page will give a warning (but not an error) when it is

<htmlb:fileUpload accept and maxLength>

These two attributes are correct according the HTML spec, but not supported by IE. They have effectively been bogus in our library. Also, in our example there was a mistake where accept is used as accept="true". But according to the spec, this should be a mime list of acceptable files, for example accept="images/*". In the few places where we found this attribute used, was with exactly the same usage error, and therefor would in anycase not have worked.

<htmlb:radioButtonGroup mode>

The attribute was added an internal group to test radio buttons that work together in one group, but which are placed in different locations on screen. This is a non-documented feature, and not required anymore. Retired from active duty.

<htmlb:textEdit font>

Deprecate for both DESIGN2002 and DESIGN2003

<htmlb:checkbox keyNotChecked>

Deprecate for both DESIGN2002 and DESIGN2003

<htmlb:gridLayout style>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell backgroundColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell style>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell wrapping>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:group bodyColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:dropdownListBox backgroundColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:dropdownListBox nameOfBackgroundColorColumn>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:dropdownListBox nameOfTextColorColumn>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:dropdownListBox textColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:listBoxItem backgroundColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

<htmlb:listBoxItem textColor>

Deprecate ONLY for DESIGN2003

$FieldName$ Replacement in TableView

In DESIGN2003, the $FieldName$ replacement is NOT supported anymore. The reason for this is very technical. In DESIGN2002, the HTMLB library itself does the complete rendering, and can at appropriate moments in time do the actual lookup of the correct data from the table to render. However, in DESIGN2003, the complete rendering is done by an outside library, where the correct time points are not available to replace $FieldName$ sequences with relevant data. Reference also Browsers supported by the HTMLB BSP Extensions. In all cases, for specialized tableView rendering, the tableView iterator with BEEs should be used. See BSP Programming: BSP Element Expressions (BEEs) and BSP Programming: HTMLB TableView Iterator.

PHTMLB Attributes with Change Behavior

<xhtmlb:pager design>

In DESIGN2002, the attribute <xhtmlb:pager design> supports different combinations of predefined (enum) values separated by a '+' sign, e.g. VERTICAL+INDICATOR_INBETWEEN+VERTICAL_SELECTOR+STEPMODE_DUAL. However it is not the case in DESIGN2003. Due to some technical reasons, only a limited set of design combinations is allowed. Therefore xhtmlb:pager with the design VERTICAL+INDICATOR_INBETWEEN+VERTICAL_SELECTOR+STEPMODE_DUAL will not be correctly rendered when using DESIGN2003. If the predefined combinations does not fits the requirements, consider <phtmlb:paginator> as an alternative.
These values are supported by <xhtmlb:pager design> in DESIGN2003: