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The following list shows the event handlers with their attributes.

  1. OnCreate
  • Executed first
  • Will be executed only once for "stateful"; otherwise at each call of a BSP
  • Therefore appropiate only for use with "stateful"
  • initializes data and creates objects

2.   OnRequest

  • Executed every time a BSP is accessed
  • Restores the internal data structures from the request
  • Should always be used if logic is to be executed independently of further navigation and independently of whether the application is stateful or stateless

3.   OnInitialization

  • Is run through after OnRequest
  • Used mainly for data retrieval(that is, reading from database tables, filling internal tables)
  • Should always be used if processing of the source code is to take place only if the layout will be processed as well

4.   OnInputProcessing

  • Executed under certain conditions (after a user dialog)
  • Used for processing user inputs and subsequent navigation to a next page

5.   OnManipulation

  • Used for manipulating the HTTP data stream according to the layout

6.  OnDestroy

  • Is the last to be executed
  • Only executed for "stateful" if the page is destroyed
  • Therefore appropriate only for use with "stateful"
  • Used for deleting information at the end of a BSP application  
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