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To use OTR Longtexts in Web Interface Builder you can use the following procedure:

  1. Create subcomponent Text in your Web Interface Builder and set it to "HTML" true.
  2. Use the following code within the text component.
  3. Create a BSP application with the name "put_in_your_bsp_appl" and a page with flow logic with the name "start".
  4. Put in the following Code into the bsp application.
  5. Use menu: Goto -> Translation -> Long texts
  6. Define Source and Target Language
  7. Translate Longtext
  8. Activate bsp application
  9. Adjust iframe if necessary (height, width, ...).

Code for the text component:

<iframe src="/sap/bc/bsp/sap/put_in_your_bsp_appl/start.htm?marginwidth="1"marginheight="1"height="950"width="750"scrolling="no"border="0"frameborder="0" ></iframe>

Code for the bsp application:

<%@page language="abap"%>
<OTR>Put in your long text comment here.</OTR>.