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Sample BSP Application to Display Message(Validation) in status bar:

Create a bsp application ànd right click on object and create a page give the attributes of page. 

Click on object Click navigation tab and write it as follows:



In this program we are defining two pages(first page-first.htm, second page-second.htm)

For navigation we need to maintain relation for two pages.


In first page-->LAYOUT tab write the following code:


Event handler-->On inputprocessing:

 * event handler for checking and processing user input and
* for defining navigation
w_event TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_event,
w_object TYPE REF TO object,
w_input TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_inputfield,
w_input1 TYPE string,
w_carrid TYPE sflight-carrid.
CALL METHOD cl_htmlb_manager=>get_event    EXPORTING
    request = runtime->server->request
    event   = w_event.
IF w_event->id = 'get'.
  navigation->set_parameter( 'carrid' ).
  navigation->next_page( 'NEXT' ).
Types definition tab:
Write the following code in types definition tab:
t_table type table of sflight.

Declare Page attributes:


In second page-->Layout tab:


*Second page Event handler-->on inputprocessing tab:


w_event type ref to cl_htmlb_event,

w_object type ref to object,

w_input type ref to cl_htmlb_inputfield,

w_input1 type string,

w_carrid type sflight-carrid.

call method cl_htmlb_manager=>get_event


request = runtime->server->request


event = w_event.

if w_event->id = 'get'.

navigation->set_parameter( 'carrid' ).

navigation->next_page( 'NEXT' ).


Define  Second  page-->page attribute:

Second page type definition as follows:

t_table type table of sflight.


Enter a carrid :

Enter carrid and click on submit button:


   Check the records for selected carrid:  For validations and for error messages check it by entering non existing carrid:  

For messages enter invalid carrid :

You can check error message :

Check the error message when you are not entering any carrid(Carrid range is initial)


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  1. Unknown User (c5jzifv)

    where is the field fi_flag set in your program?