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Mythbusting + to keep you calm if you don't need to worry


In which case does it refer to a real problem and in which case it it is normal ?

In which case does it refer to a problem?

  • When free swap space gets low as well
  • When page-in (Pages in/s, Kb Paged in/s) increases
  • Signal 33 (SIGDANGER) is raised by AIX

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In which case it it is normal?

When Pages in/s is low:

Background: AIX Virtual Memory Management (VMM) is designed to exploit all available physical memory in a system. VMM distinguishes between computational memory segments (working storage segments like process data and stack or program text segments) and file memory segments (usually pages from permanent data files). As long as the virtual memory demand can be contained in real memory pages, VMM will fill up the available pages with computational memory pages or file pages (as a result of I/O operations). See also SAP note 973227 and 'Related Documents' below.

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