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Please share your "Problem and Fixes" in short.  This is just for the reference please do not consider this a "Solution" because every SAP landscape and system configuration is different. Below are some of the data from my rough notepad which I have written while working on different projects please feel free to share your valuable SAP BASIS problem & fixes here.

1) Issue with TSV_TNEW_OCCURS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY = changed abap/shared_objects_size_MB value from 20MB to 60 MB as per note 1322182 & restarted instance no more dumps then.

2) RSA1: SIDCLNT source system check is failing in BI. After restoring the source system and replication it works. Also there was rfc issue with unicode check mark it was set to non-unicode.

3) DB2 Issue: "SQL0551N "SAP" does not have the required authorization or privilege to perform operation "SELECT" on object "SAPSID.SHDSTUSR". SQLSTATE=42501". Solution was to grant permission at db level with command - db2 grant select on table sapsid.shdstusr to sapsid

4) RRMX : when calling RRMX excel is giving error this is only happening with sap gui patch 720, the 710 version is ok.

5) SNAP_NO_ENTRY - ABAP dump are generating db2diag shows db2 log dir is full and process is stuck from long time. Solution check what the application id is doing check with below command:

db2 get snapshot for application agentid 55658 - if it's holding from long time and doing nothing then kill the process

6) Webdynpro ICM server overload error - increased the number of ABAP contexts in system from 200 to 2000 (rdisp/tm_max_no: 2000)

7) Lock table overflow - increased the size of enque/table_size from 4096 to 16384

8) HTTP PLUGIN NOT ACTIVE -> in smicm http service was not there so created the service and activated also created system user and maintained under sicf /sap/bc/contentserver/logon data - please note that this is temp for permanent need to add http parameter in instance profile

9) PI cache refres: http://<PI Server name>:<HTTP Port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full

10) Increase/Decrease Heap settings using Config Tool --> Cluster-data --> Instance_xxxx --> server_xxx --> Max Heap Size (in MB) -Xms(initial),-Xmx(max),-Xmn (genx)

11) RSTMSTIQ - program to automate refresh queus in STMS which can schedule thru sm37

12) Find out on which server node you are logged on in address bar in internet explorer ->  javascript:(document.cookie)

13) How to check users of different client execute report - RSUVM005

14) How to calculate ABAP wp memory - No.of Dialog WPs=RAM Size(MB)/250. and No.of Background Wps=RAM Size(MB)/750.

15) (PU19) Error when creating TemSe object, RAISE_EXCEPTION condition 'FB_CALL_HANDLE' raised in program 'SAPLSTMS' this means user didn't have create rights for TemSe. check in PFCG - Basis: Administration -> TemSe: Actions on TemSe objects -> TemSe: Action ID for Authorization and make sure that the user has the value “CRE” (for create).


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