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Transaction code DB02 is to analyze and monitor database statistics (db growth, table space size , missing index & etc).

1. Check Tablespace size.

By default, 6 tablespaces were created during installation & need to be monitor from overflows. Go to Current sizes / Space statistics / Freespace statistics. If PSAP[SID] tablespace size is reaching 95% level, it’s advisable to increase the size.

• PSAP<SID> = <90%
• PSAP<SID><Kernel Version> = <90%
• PSAP<SID><User Directory> = <90%
• PSAPTEMP = <50%
• PSAPUNDO = <50%
• SYSTEM = <90%

2. Check missing indexes.

Missing indexes – Indexes which are defined in the ABAP Dictionary but are missing in the database or indexes which were created in the database but are unknown to the ABAP Dictionary.

3. Check Space critical objects.

Space critical objects are objects  that become space critical due to lack of insufficient free space in tablespace.


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