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There are different ways of deleting short dumps from the SNAP table. However, before you delete them, you must analyze the cause of the short dump using transaction code ST22. If the issue related to short dumps is resolved, you can proceed to remove the short dumps before they all filling up the hard disk of your system. Here are the several ways to delete the short dumps:

Method 1 : Dump analysis: Reorganization
• Go to transaction code ST22. Choose ‘Reorganize‘. You can now select all short dumps older than n days for deletion.
CAUTION: If a large amount of records are deleted simultaneously during the reorganization, ORACLE error ora1562 ‘failed to extend rollback segment …’ may occur. In this case, refer to error Note 6328.

Method 2 :  Drop and recreate the SNAP table
• With the database utility transaction code SE14, you can drop and recreate the SNAP table.
CAUTION: When you do this, ALL short dumps are deleted.

Method 3 : Reorganization program RSSNAPDL
• To avoid database problems, this program deletes old short dumps gradually from the SNAP table unless they are selected for retention. With standard setting all short dumps that are older than 7 days and that are not flagged are deleted. Since this program occupies the database when large datasets are processed, it should be scheduled to run overnight. Execute RSSNAPDL in transaction SE38


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