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Usually the question arises what is the difference between an abap and the java upgrade . In an abap upgrade there is always a formation of shadow instance and that is called as the system switch upgrade . IN java upgrade the major protion depends on which sort of upgrade happen here . Whether a major upgrade or a minor upgrade . and hence inorder to kn ow the difference between them and how it effects the upgrade process we have this document


Lets start with the point as

What is upgrade ?

In order to develop new functionality and new usuability of a product here we releases new version of the product . This is usually done to space out the major changes from the minor one .
Hence upgrade is a method to replace the newer  version of product from the older version  . We usually have 2 types of software upgrade .

  1. Minor upgrade : these upgrade usually done to provide the new enhancement on the current existing version of the product in order to simplify the process of segregating the functionality in accordance to the related version .
    For e.g. : if I have a car and need to change the gear box of the car to provide more smooth running of my car .
    Below you can see how it is being define :
  2. Major Upgrade: When actually the whole working of the product changes at almost all major levels and the  functionality is going to provide new enahnce feature to the custome
    For eg. - The same way if we change and move to higher version of the car .  


THE Difference of Upgrade in technical terms :

IN java technical terms the difference is called as

  1. Deploy Base upgrade
  2. Switch Base upgrade .


The method of the deploy base upgrade can be shown in below screen .

As we can see in above picture the steps of the upgrade happens in this particular format :

  1. The tool will ask for the target level stack xml , The SAP* user password ,Check the configurtaion of the system
  2. In the downtime part it locks all the user by activating the superadmin user (SAP*) in the system . It actually does through the service name core.ume.service .
  3. The activation of the SAP* is done via parameter and the passowrd now used is ume.superadmin.password .
  4. After that it switches the Kernel directory of the system to the target kernel version in Kernel switch phases .
  5. Then the deployment of the new SCA is done via SDM/DC in the main database .
  6. The system is again unlocked for user to logged in .



The Switch base upgrade happens in below steps :

  1. IN first four road map the tool take the values like stack XML , Java export DVD,User password .It also check the necessary requirement of space and other parameter for creation of shadow system .
  2. IN pre processioning road map the tool will first create a shadow schema from the Java DVD through JLOAD .
  3. This shadow schema actually exist as the link to the colon table existing in the main schema itself .
  4. then is create the whole shadow system with the Shadow Instance ID and shadow SCS instance .
  5. After the creation of that the tool will start the deployment of the sca on that Schema and then does the changes as require there .
  6. In the downtime phase the tool scrap the shadow schema and import all the changed table with the target level version to the main schema
  7. Make the necessary changes in the file system level to make the system runnable on the newer version

           Some Important Point to note the major differences

  8. The first major difference is the tool used for the deployment here . The deployment is done usually through the deployer tool of the target shadow system and not from the main instance

  9. The User used for deploy base upgrade is SAP* whereas the tool uses the administrator user or will create a JCO to the abap is the ume is abap in the java system
  10. The kernel switch happen directly on the main instance in case of deploy base upgrade whereas the kernel is first get copied to /SUM/sdt/data/kernel then a shadow system is created on the same
  11. There wont be any changes in the application table and data there .
  12. The Migration of PCD data and other portal related stuff are done in switch base upgrade .



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