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Factory calendars are delivered from SAP with a validity until 2010 in
the standard. so the customer needs to extend the validity of the
calendar manually.

1. How to check the validity of the factory calendar?

T-cd:SCAL->Factory calendar->display->double click the entry
->Valid 'To Year'

2. How to extend the validity? what's the detail steps?
 2.1 T-cd:SCAL->Factory calendar->display->double click the entry
   ->Holiday Calendar ID
   you can confirm the involved Holiday Calendar.
 2.2 T-cd:SCAL->Holiday Calendar->change->double click the ID which is
   checked in step 2.1
   2.2.1 Make sure that all holidays have to be valid until the
         given year.If this is not the case, you have to extend them first.
   2.2.2.Unassign them from the Holiday calendar  
   2.2.3 Extend the validity
   2.2.4 reassign to the Holiday calendar.
 2.3 Extend the Holiday Calendar
 2.4 Extend the Factory calendar

Refresh the calendar buffer after modification of the settings.
AL12 -> menu Edit->Reset buffer->Calendar buffer, "Reset and Reload".

3. Is it ok to do the changing in productive system directly?

 In general SAP does not suggest to make any changes to the factory
 calendar in a production system. All the calendar data should be
 maintained in a customizing system. Updates are done via transports from
 the customizing system. As a special case a customizing client in the
 productive system can be established. Changes in the customizing client
 will then directly affect the productive system, as the data is

   The automatic recording of customizing changes does not include the
   holiday and factory calendar. All changes made to the holiday or factory
   calendar must be transported manually. The holiday and factory
   calendars' own transport connection should be used.

   Choose  the function Calendar -> Transport in SCAL initial screen.


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