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To help with troubleshooting and provide additional information.


Symptom, Reason and prerequisites, Solution, Workaround.


  • hanging saposcol process
  • several (defunct, zombie) saposcol processes left
  • dev_coll contains errors pointing to HPVMGuestLib_UpdateInfo() function, similar to: ERROR: pfhpuxvirt.c 734: HPVMGuestLib_OpenHandle (): return code 1
  • output of pstack <process ID of saposcol> contain HPVMGuestLib_UpdateInfo()

Reason and prerequisites

  • saposcol is V3.1.0 2013-06-20 or older (check it by saposcol -V, in ST06 transaction or in dev_coll)
  • VMGuestLib is of version 6.20 or lower (check it by swlist -l file VirtualBase | grep VMGuestLib)



1. Collect the below outputs to verify

# ll /dev/hpvmdynmem
# lsdev
# kcmodule hpvmdynmem

The hpvmdynmem device file may stale. It points to driver  <nnn> which is <xxxxxx> and not to hpvmdynmem at <mmm>.

2. To remove and re-create the /dev/hpvmdynmem file

#rm /dev/hpvmdynmem
#mknod /dev/hpvmdynmem c 171 0

(note the above example assumes that the hpvmdynmem driver is using device 171 - this value may vary between systems)

3. One can check if it works fine by doing: 

# cat </dev/hpvmdynmem

It should print out some stats. SAPOSCOL should work fine after re-creating the file.

4. Restart saposcol - see this SAP Help Portal link

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