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This guide helps you to set the default logon client shown on SAPGUI logon page.


  1. Logon to your SAP AS ABAP System (into any client)
  2. Execute Transaction RZ10
  3. Someone may've updated profile files on OS level. You've to re-read them from /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile directory via Utilities > Import Profiles > Of active servers menu step.
  4. In the Profile File path, select the Instance Profile (for single instance systems) or Default Profile (for systems with several application servers) to update the parameter. Keep in mind that, Instance profile always overrides values in Default profile. So if you already set a different value in instance profile, it will override value you set in Default profile. To solve this, you can either write the value into all instance profiles of system or remove them from INstance Profiles and only set it in Default Profile.
  5. Select Extended Maintenance > Change to modify profile file
  6. Use manu path Parameter > Create to set the Logon Client parameter.
  7. Set Parameter Name: login/system_client and Value: <your client>
  8. Select Parameter > Copy and press F3 to turn back
  9. Again, select Profile > Copy to run back RZ10 main screen.
  10. Finally select Profile > Save to update the profile file.
  11. Confirm the profile checks and control popups.
  12. As the last step, restart your SAP Instance to activate the new profile values.
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